Vacancy Board

Vacancy Board

Vacancy Board

Our Vacancy Board details the available volunteering opportunities for anyone who is interested in supporting our Young People as part of our Leadership Team. Once you have read through the list, please fill out the form at the bottom of the page with your details and confirmation of the role you are interested in, our Group Scout Leader will be in touch soon to discuss.


We are looking for someone to join our busy scout group, if you think you would like to have a go at being a quartermaster then please contact us for a chat.
The Quartermaster is responsible for looking after the stores and equipment that we keep in the Scout Hut and use for many of our outdoor activities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Keeping the stores tidy and safe
  • Making sure kit is available for camps
  • Assisting in the picking and preparation of kit before a camp
  • Checking all kit is clean and in good working order when returned from a camp
  • Arranging for the repair or replacement of any kit as required
  • Ordering new kit as and when required

Fun Raiser

Teamwork starts with a game, whether that’s stuck in the mud or dodgeball. It’s about learning how to work together to achieve a goal, how to get along, being flexible, encourage and support each other. We need someone who likes to play games, get involved and have fun at 3rd Newbury..

Real Heroes

We don’t need super heroes. We just need some lovely parents to come along and help our young people have fun and learn skills for life. You’ll be paid in smiles and thank yous!
Give it a go, take the Four Week Challenge, you’ll love it.

Adventure Ace

All adventurous activities carry a degree of risk, but that risk is minimised through proper supervision. Many Scouting adventures must thus be led by trained permit holders. If you are skilled in archery, caving, climbing, hill walking, power boating, shooting, snow-sports, water activities or other adventurous activities you will be well-aware of the excitement involved. If you would like to pass this excitement on to young people, boost their confidence and change their lives with a handful of sessions a year, we’d love to know.

Take a look at all the Scouting Adventures we’d love to do.

Show & Tell

Do you have a career that will inspire, a hobby that will intrigue, or an adventure you could tell. We are looking for inspirational presenters that will encourage our young people to make the most of their time on the planet, grasp the nettle and get out there. Is that you? We’d love to chat.

Emergency Help

One of the core skills for life learnt throughout Scouting is Emergency Aid. If you are a health professional and are able to offer an Emergency Aid session at multiple levels please get in touch.

Take a look at the Emergency Aid Staged Activity Award to see how you can help.


Three great reasons to volunteer.

  1. You’ll share your skills and experience with young people, while developing yourself
  2. You’ll have fun and meet new people in your area
  3. You’ll inspire a generation; and they’ll never forget it!


Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls